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  1. (Some of) The Family Jewels in snaps

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  2. The whole thing with Aria and Ezra is hilarious because to me I’m like, “Dude, get this guy out! He’s obviously using you,” but everyone’s like, “Ezra to the death!” No, he is bad for her, this is unhealthy and you’re teaching people bad relationships. So that’s one relationship I can’t get behind.
    — Troian Bellisario (source)

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    We’re truly obsessed with Demi Lovato

    Now from head to toe! » 


  4. get to know me meme: [7/10] favorite celebrities » holland roden

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    Clear your mind here

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    it’s pornstache without his pornstache and cornrows without her cornrows


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  9. I never stopped loving you. Not even for a second. Even when I hated you.
    — Charles Sheehan-Miles, Just Remember to Breathe (via perfect)

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